You hear that?

That buzz is telling you something.  We’re over it.  No, not completely over having lost the chance to compete for the national championship.  And we’re certainly not over the unfair and biased way the Heisman is being decided this year.  But we’re sort of past it1.

That buzz is that despite not being perfect… despite not quite being the dream season… people are still talking. We’re going to walk into Bill Snyder Family Stadium with the chance to do something we’ve only done once before… walk away from a game as the champions of the Big XII.

We may not have the attention of the entire nation anymore.  Most of them never believed in this team, and they saw what happened in Waco as their proof and permission to dismiss us as a fluke.  But in just two days we get to do something we’ve only done once before… prove that we’re the best team in the best conference in college football2.

Saturday. A de facto Big XII championship game.  It’s that simple.  Win and we’re the Big XII champions.  Lose and we may not be3. It may not be the biggest stage4.  It may not even be the biggest game ever in Manhattan5. But for us it is.  For this team at this time, there’s only one thing that matters.

Let’s get that trophy.

  1. Sometimes I think we want the Heisman for Klein more than Klein wants the Heisman for Klein. We know he deserves it… but he’s also got the character to be able to handle not getting it []
  2. Whether or not we were the best team in the Big XII in 2003 is debateable… but we did win the title. Whether or not the Big XII is the best conference this year… top to bottom, I don’t think can even be argued. It clearly is []
  3. For those still asking, it’s this simple.  If we win our game, the worst we can do is tie OU, but we beat them head to head, so we go to the BCS.  If OU loses to TCU we could even lose to Texas and still tie OU and own the tiebreaker.  If OU loses to TCU and we beat Texas we tie no one… we win the Big XII outright []
  4. If we were undefeated Gameday might be there.  The nation would be watching just like they did last week to see if Notre Dame could finish it. But as it is, we’re not a footnote to the rest of the nation.  It’s their loss []
  5. I would say it is not.  The 1998 Nebraska game was two highly ranked teams. We were undefeated and #1 in the Coaches Poll, not to mention going up against that 29 year streak.  This game is a close 2nd, but but I don’t see how it can beat out that one. []

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