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Thursdays at The Salute

Thursdays at The Salute

Much has been said about how Jake Waters demonstrated his running ability in ways that we hadn’t yet seen on Saturday in the game at Iowa State. At 138 yards rushing, he gained 100 yards more on the ground than Iowa State’s leading rusher. We saw him exhibit patience and great decision making in all aspects of the game. Going into the season K-State fans were excited about the possibility of working with the new member of the K-State football staff, Collin Klein. This week seemed to prove our theories. At times it felt like you could look at the number 15 on the field and swear you were watching a number 7.

Take this play for example. Let’s set the stage. Down by 8, with just over 5 minutes to play in the 3rd quarter, K-State has the ball and starts a drive from their own 3 yard line. They pick up 30 yards on the first 8 plays of the drive… all but 2 (a 2nd & 8 and 3rd & 6) they run the ball. K-State finds themselves with a crucial 3rd & 1 on their own 33. Keep the drive moving, and this game feels won. Give up the ball here and Iowa State ends up with decent field position and an opportunity to put the game away…

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And there it is. The difference in Jake’s running ability from year 1 to year 2. And quite possibly the influence of Collin Klein who seemed to have a Neo-like ability to slow down time and see exactly what was going to happen, and the patience to wait for just the right moment to strike.

The bad news was that drive was all that we needed it to be… until it wasn’t. 8 plays later the drive ends on a 4th & 1 after chewing up 66 yards and 8:29 from the clock. But it wasn’t all for naught. You learn from success like that. And on another 3rd & 1, with just over a minute and a half left in the game, trailing by 2…

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And, that, K-State fans, is Jake Waters winning a ball game on his feet.


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