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I find the first picture released of Jevon Thomas by K-State very interesting. Look closely at it. He’s not wearing his jersey. He borrowed Will Spradling’s #55 for the picture. If you’ve watched either of the last two games you know he’s wearing number 5. You can’t miss it. And you can’t miss the difference that a true point guard can make.

K-State has had pure point guards before. Don’t get me wrong. We had Denis. We had, and then lost, Angel. Both were incredibly quick with the ball, and did good things on defense. But you have to go a long way back to find a pass first point guard who also maintained such a strong focus on defense. In just two games he’s played about 40 minutes and averaged 4 assists and 0 turnovers. And that’s just the start. He’s stepping into a difficult to learn motion offense and playing with guys he had never been allowed to play with before. And he looks like he’s been there all season.

We saw it on New Year’s Eve against George Washington. K-State had a slow start and couldn’t seem to get anything going on offense. Insert Jevon Thomas, and without scoring a point he sparks the team on a 20-0 run, as the Cats grabbed a lead they wouldn’t let go of the entire game.

Bruce Weber’s motion offense is dependent on court vision and ball movement. And Jevon Thomas is that missing piece. Will Spradling has done a decent job running the point this year, but that’s just not who he really is. Spradling is at his best when he can move around the perimeter, get open, and set a shot. And Jevon Thomas is just the kind of guy who can get the ball to him to do so. Few would argue that Jevon to Will is better than Will to anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s not the savior of this team. There are still going to be struggles.  He certainly can’t solve the size issues. But Thomas Gipson has been finding ways to use his strength and new found agility to do that. This team has come a long way from the 2-3 start to the season. The worst is behind us. The best may just be yet to come. It may even start Saturday against an Oklahoma State team that may be entering conference play scrambling to settle some chaos.

For the first time all season there was doom in the Octagon on New Year’s Eve. Bring it back on Saturday. We may just see something special.


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