There’s a difference between attending a game and being a fan. The cameras may pan the crowds and group everyone into one category, but standing in the stadium you know that isn’t always the case. Following the Cats and cheering them on don’t always go hand in hand. And that’s sad.

The beauty of college sports is that there’s a real connection1. Sure, you can be a Chiefs fan because you happen to live in Kansas City, just like I can be a Bears2 fan because I grew up near Chicago. But when it comes down to it, a lifetime of cheering for a team doesn’t have the connection to it that being a part or something bigger creates.

No, I never ran out on the field before the game3, and I didn’t make a shot in Bramlage4 or hit a home run out of Tointon Family Stadium5. But that doesn’t make me any less K-State. Or you. We walk through those gates to watch a game every Saturday, not because we’re fans, but because we love everything that Kansas State represents. We’ve lived it.

We’ve eaten the meals in the Derb. We’ve made the walk from Cardwell to Nichols in the middle of a snow storm. We’ve circled the campus for an hour to find a parking space only to end up with a little yellow ticket anyway. We’ve spent too much time and money in Aggieville, and not enough in Hale. We’ve done it. The athletes re doing it. And the students will do it for generations to come.

So why, then, do some choose, instead, to boo? You may think you know better than the athletic director who a coach should be. You may think you know better than one of the greatest football coaches of all time who should be earning playing time. You might even end up having the opportunity to say, “I told you so,” someday. Everyone wants the same thing. No one wants to lose. We saw a great 2nd half on Saturday, and we got a win. And we’re hungry for more. And so are all those people that you know better than.

Have your opinions. Express them in a healthy and positive way. But, if faithful to our colors, you shall ever be, then for God’s sake, when you’re standing in that stadium on Saturday, cheer. And let’s get that Wildcat victory.


  1. Well, unless you’re a kU fan, of course. []
  2. & Bulls & Blackhawks & White Sox []
  3. Ok, other than for the Willie skit before the 1998 Nebraska game… but that doesn’t really count. []
  4. During a game, at least. Willie called me on the court at halftime once, and I nailed a 3. []
  5. Ok, I got nothing for this one. []

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