Shall I compare thee to a fall Saturday?
Or as the Big Monday within the Oct’ of Doom?
While Klein doth shine, Rod makes ‘horns pay,
Thy purple light may illuminate what’er the room.

Sometimes, too sad, this passion we share.
When from the peak, our team doth fall.
But no matter how low may be our depth’s despair,
We’ll n’er be as low as it is to be chick’n-hawk, after all.

Be it a spot we love full well,
Or that to our colors, faithful shall we ever be,
If my love for you more than State, one can n’er tell,
But all must know that painted your heart, is purple just like me.

And so, my dear Wildcat, with never a flaw,
I’ll love you now and forever… EMAW.

K-State Valentine's Day

About The Author

Founder & Chief Saluter

Mike is a '00 graduate of Kansas State University and holds season tickets for Football and Men's & Women's Basketball. He lives in Kansas City, but stays loyal to his Chicago sports (Bulls & Bears & Hawks & Sox). He's a social media marketer by day and dreams in purple at night.

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