Number 2.

Let that sink in.

It doesn’t even feel real. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen “Is this real life?”1 come across my twitter feed with the #KState hashtag2.  After a 10-3 season last year, we all thought we’d have a better team, but a tougher schedule may mean a lesser record.

I won’t pretend I saw this coming. In our football preview episode I predicted a 9-3 regular season. Not only are we already at 8 wins, we’re heavily favored to win our remaining 4 games3. Now dreams of a national championship game have held true later into the season than they have in 13 years4.

As K-State fans we’ve had our hearts broken so many times. Names that we should have long forgotten just bring back the pain of having almost made it. Names like Nebraska… Butler… A&M… Marshall.  And it’s not just them. We know the feeling of the free fall after losing the Big 12 Championship Game in 1998.  We are K-State and we’re used to getting screwed.

This year it seems we may not do it to ourselves. This team looks like the type that is incapable of a let down. An article can’t be written on them that doesn’t specifically mention just how intensely they buy into Snyder’s 16 goals.  Struggle for a half with rust and a pesky Missouri State team? #4: Improve.   A bad call in Norman gives them a 2nd half deficit? #10: Never Give up.  A terrible kU team comes into Manhattan using trick plays to hang with us for a half? #16. Responsibility. Heavy underdogs in Morgantown?  #13. Expect to Win.  Got punched in the mouth by Tech for a quarter in Manhattan? #11: Don’t Accept Losing.  This team is the epitome of #14: Consistency.

But we can’t control it all.  Will a win over USC and in the Pac 12 Championship game give Oregon a leap frog above us?  Can the BCS Championship actually happen without an undefeated Notre Dame team?  Can anyone have a shot against Alabama?  4 teams. 2 spots. It sounds impossible, and we’re used to being left out of the party.  But the 3rd number in that 4 teams 2 spots math is the number 5. 5 weeks. There are 5 weeks left before those 2 spots are filled. K-State can take care of their job and if5 they do, things may clear up.  Oregon can lose to USC.  Notre Dame can blow a trap game to Pitt or lose at USC.  Bama may even drop one as soon as this Saturday in Baton Rouge6. These things have a way of working themselves out.  We’re 2 years away from a 4 team playoff that would allow us to play it out… but this year… let’s sit back and see what happens.  Remember that key number 5.

And not just for 5 weeks.

#5:  Be Tough.  Mentally and physically.


  1. Or is it just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality… []
  2. Side rant: When Twitter was first exploding #KState was absolutely the accepted hashtag. Since then it’s been added to with #EMAW & #KSU. Sure makes it more difficult to follow… and this side rant now also means that I’m the Twitter equivalent of the old man yelling, “Get off my #lawn!” []
  3. Crazy how life changes in a few months, isn’t it? To end 9-3 has gone from a good season to what would be an epic failure. []
  4. In 1999 they lasted 9 games before being crushed in Lincoln… the only loss of the year.  The year before they lasted 11 games, and I don’t need to remind anyone of that story. []
  5. when []
  6. If not there, what if the following week A&M managed to play spoiler once more… but for us this time? []

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