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Thursdays at The Salute

Thursdays at The Salute

How do you believe when no one else does? And when I say no one else, I mean no one outside of Manhattan, Kansas (either in person or in heart) believes that K-State will win this game today. I’ve listened to countless sports talk discussions that give us just one chance. No matter which expert you hear they all say the same thing, “weird things happen on Thursday night games on the road…”

And it’s true. Remember Oklahoma State at Iowa State? No one thought Iowa State would derail the Oklahoma State run towards a BCS title. But it happened. Did it happen because Iowa State truly believed? Frankly, I don’t know, and I don’t care. Because weird things happen on Tuesday night.

But weird things also happen when you don’t expect it. When you catch someone by surprise because there’s so much more substance than you thought could be there. It’s when you know all about the ways that Tyler Lockett can hurt you, but didn’t expect Deante Burton to make the play he did. It’s when you know that Ryan Mueller is the heart and soul of the defense, but you don’t realize what a play maker Randall Evans is.

And weird things happen when you think you’re walking into just another wannabe’s stadium, and you find something special instead.

It’s not an accident. K-State is ranked for a reason. Auburn’s fans, along with the national media, treat this game as the hapless Wildcats of the era from the last meeting between these two teams. There’s just enough respect there to know that they’re good, but not enough to truly believe.

So no one else may believe in K-State, and that’s just fine. Because when those young men run out of that tunnel later today, what everyone else has to say fades away. They believe it. Bill Snyder believes in them. And 50,000 K-State fans believe it as well.

Goal 13: EXPECT TO WIN and truly believe that we will.

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