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Wednesdays at The Salute

Wednesdays at The Salute

As if I wasn’t already excited enough about this season of K-State football, I’m even more pumped after Saturday’s 55-16 beat down of Stephen F. Austin. There was nothing flashy about this win but when has K-State ever been considered flashy?

Being “old-fashioned” is something many people think of when it comes to K-State football. Bill Snyder teams fly under the radar, control the clock, and play solid defense. Having headline stories on ESPN has never been K-State’s reputation. Who really cares?

K-State fans love K-State football for many different reasons but having fluorescent jerseys isn’t one of them. I asked a question on Twitter about why people love K-State and this was my favorite answer.

We love our players and coaches because of who they are on and off the field. I still get chills when I read stories about a letter Bill Snyder has written to a player on an opposing team or to a fan that is battling illness. He doesn’t do it to make a headline. He does it because he genuinely cares about people. It’s truly incredible. Some of Bill Snyder’s players have done the same.

K-State will always wear classic jerseys. They will never be the national flavor of the month. They will never get the attention they deserve. As K-State fans, we’re okay with those facts because we know that our team is always going to battle until the clock runs out.

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