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Thursdays at The Salute

Thursdays at The Salute

K-State fans celebrated a great win over KU on Monday night in the traditional basketball way… with a court storming.

Debates about whether or not it’s appropriate, and overblown media coverage aside, Let’s take a step back. It’s fun. Everyone knows it’s fun. So today, let’s take look back at the top 10 court/field stormings in modern(ish) K-State history.




Colorado 20  #10 K-State 37

Ok, so this one might not have really been warranted. As K-State football was completing their rise, they had to get past 3 traditional dominating opponents. They got past OU in 1993, but it took until 1997 to finally get over the Colorado hump. It was a bad, bad, bad Colorado team that K-State beat, but it represented so much more, so the students rushed the field at the end of the game, took down the goal posts, and celebrated that mountain climbed. Meanwhile, the Colorado team swore they’d do the same to us a year later in Boulder. They didn’t.




9#8 Kansas 63  K-State 70

Fresh in everyone’s mind is the storming that set off national media attention Monday night. Clearly it was the worst handled court storming we’ve had at K-State, which takes away from how great of a game was played. But now that discussion has come to a close (or should), and we can take a look at just how great of a win it was. One of very few lights in a dark season.



8#4 Texas 42  K-State 45

One time we had this other football coach. And he sucked at absolutely everything. Well, except one thing. Beating Texas. At the time it seemed crazy to think that the worst coach in the history of coaching any sport on any level could be the guy that knocks off really good Texas teams, not once, but twice. Of course, in hindsight now we know it’s simply a matter of K-State owning Texas in ways that not even that turd could screw up.




7#10 Texas 48  K-State 58

What?!? A court storming in the Wooldridge era?!?! It happened. Through the lackluster seasons of the dark ages of K-State basketball, it happened exactly once. As a top 10 Texas team came to town, as usual, no one expected a win by the Cats. But that happened, too. And while Beasley is (rightly) credited with starting the scorer’s table tradition at K-State, it happened first with Lance Harris.




6#1 Kansas 68  K-State 84

Jacob Pullen. No basketball player has been more beloved in his career at K-State in the modern(ish) era. And this one was all about celebrating him, and that special group of players that had made it to the Elite 8 a year earlier. It was probably the apex of excitement surrounding the Cats, and the volume in Bramlage proved it that night. Just about everything went right, and those in purple went home happy.




5#7 Kansas 82  K-State 85 (OT)

Last year’s court storming over KU was certainly sweet. There wasn’t much on the line in terms of the standings, but to get a win was huge. When the game went to overtime it seemed like it was almost inevitable that the Cats would come up short… only they didn’t. The fans rush in, Gip pulled Holly Rowe onto the scorer’s table, and you have one of the top responsible rushes in K-State history.




4#19 K-State 21  Kansas 13

The chance to rush someone else’s field doesn’t come very often. But it came in 1994 in Lawrence, as both teams were fighting to dig themselves out of irrelevance and take the next steps in their program’s history. The Cats won, the goal posts made the trip west to Aggieville, and one of the two programs got really, really good. One didn’t.




3#2 Kansas 75  #22 K-State 84

It doesn’t get sweeter than the first time. Literally. Before 2008 K-State had never beaten KU in Bramlage. And somehow most of us went into this game, 20 spots behind them in the polls, but still expecting that this would be the year. And it was. Michael Beasley showed what he could do, along with Bill Walker at his side. And a freshman not everyone had taken note of yet by the name of Jacob Pullen put the Big 12 on notice. It was party time.




2#23 Texas 24  #7 K-State 42

Winning a Big 12 Championship is awesome. Winning it on your own home field is amazing. It certainly wasn’t the spontaneous craziness of a typical field storming. It was more of an open the gates and let’s have a nice orderly celebration on the field. And it couldn’t have been more perfect.




1#11 Nebraska 30  #2 K-State 40

Remember when I said it doesn’t get sweeter than the first time? It certainly doesn’t get sweeter than the first time in 29 years. If Oklahoma was the first hurdle, and Colorado was the second, the final one was getting past Nebraska. And K-State did so in a big, big, big, big way. And it doesn’t get more spontaneous craziness than this storm. Students ran out on the field twice before the game was fully over. It may be the only time that an unsportsmanlike penalty was called on a K-State crowd. Because, as a student, I was front row at the game, I ended up having to go with the crowd. I missed the final touchdown of the game, Jeff Kelly diving into the end zone, because I was standing on the sideline with my back to the field, literally holding other students back from rushing too early. Sure, that part was embarrassing, but in the end we had the sweetest storm of them all… in Manhattan, Kansas… the happiest place on earth.


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