Thursdays at The Salute

Thursdays at The Salute

Falling to TCU in a mostly uninspired and lackluster effort last night felt like a fitting end to a season that can be described in much the same way. Of course, getting a win over KU would have felt just as fitting. If there was one constant to this season, it was that you never knew what to expect on any given night. You never knew which K-State team would show up, and looking from the outside in, as most of us do, we could only speculate on what exactly was wrong with this team.

While the team sounded focused, and people like Marcus Foster promised that he would be engaged and playing hard, when you’ve established a habit and a way of doing things throughout a season, it’s awfully tough to change it mid-course… and that improbability showed.

Following the game, with reporters in the K-State locker room some very telling quotes began to emerge:

It feels as though a book could be written on what tore this team apart. And while much of the blame from fans has been pointed at one of two places, Bruce Weber or Marcus Foster, it’s clear that the problems can’t be simplified into a feud between a formerly emerging star and a coach clouded with a narrative that this year felt destined to fulfill. While it’s certain that each have some blame to shoulder, the level of dysfunction that could take a team that should have challenged for the league title and transform it to one that will be watching the post-season from the living room just can’t be that simple.

The quotes that we were following last night can only scratch the surface. And we’ll never know who was on which faction within the team, what exactly caused the suspensions and absences throughout the season, or what levels of drama never even bubbled its way into the public eye. Nor do we need to know. The very fact that the word “alliances” was used to explain a team shows how fractured it was.

This season, mercifully it seems, is now over. And as Wesley Iwundu, and others, explained last night, something is going to have to change. Not one person in that locker room is satisfied or thinks this season has been acceptable. The question is, what will change? What will institute that change? And will it be enough? That’s the psychological puzzle that Bruce Weber and his staff has to wrestle with this off-season. And if they don’t find a way to put the pieces back together, it may be a puzzle they won’t be working on a year from now.

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