What do you do when you’re choosing between a guy who has never started a game at the position and another who doesn’t yet have any experience? How do you pick between a guy who does the little things and the guy who can do the important big thing? What expectations can you have when one of your biggest starts is fighting just to get off the bench? Where does it leave you when every answer leaves you with more questions?

At 2-0 apparently.

And ultimately that’s all you can ask for. But it’s so much more. It’s not a 2-0 that has just gotten K-State by in the first two weeks. It’s combining for 64-3 in the first two weeks. Sure, it’s against a bad FCS team and one that’s just a few years removed from being in the FCS level1, and not quite living up to their expectations. So looking at the scores doesn’t look like a team that’s just getting by.

090515ksu_br52But name the stars on this team. Sure, you can. But take a step back. Can the person sitting at the desk next to yours at work name a single player on the team2? That may be the definition of just gettin’ by. Winning without the stars. Taking a quarterback who no one ever thought would amount to anything but a career backup and winning. Finding a walk-on running back who is a little more experience away from unseating the experienced upperclassman as the starter. It’s playing a vicious team defense that, as much as any year in the Tom Hayes era, personifies the bend-don’t-break mentality.

If that’s just gettin’ by, then I’ll take it. Because after two weeks, I’m starting to get excited to see just how far gettin’ by can take us.



  1. and not even having a program the year before that []
  2. If you live in Manhattan, this exercise doesn’t count []

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