When it comes time for my to write this column, I usually look for ways to find inspiration. Sometimes, I find it from a team, other times I find it from fans. This week, I’m finding inspiration from a player.

Jack Cantele.

It’s funny to me because last year at this exact time, Jack Cantele was giving me inspiration to write. He also gave me the inspiration to move on after the Auburn loss by sending out this tweet:

You know what Jack, you did handle it and you are better!

Jack Cantele is such an inspiration! In his position last year, he could’ve thrown in the towel and ended his career. I can’t even begin to imagine how it felt to be in his shoes; shanking 3 field goals in a HUGE game against Auburn. I mean honestly, imagine having your worst bad day ever in front of a national audience. It would be humiliating.

But Instead of giving up when things were really bad, he kept working hard to get ready for his next opportunity.

And boy, did he shine! On Saturday, he went 4-4 in FG opportunities and 3-3 in extra point opportunities. It was as if the Auburn meltdown never happened!

We all need to be more like Jack Cantele. Adversity is going to happen. Mistakes are going to happen. But, it’s all about how we respond to those mistakes and to the adversity life hands us. Instead of looking at a mistake as something bad, look at it as an opportunity and use it to fuel your fire.

A real champion finds a way to rise when they fall.

Just like last year, I’m bringing this song back up! The original K-State Stand Up!

Stand Up

Now, it’s on to the next one. BRING ON THE CATS!


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Dara is a 2013 graduate of Kansas State University and misses Manhattan everyday. She works overnight at KSN in Wichita as the morning show producer and all other times watching sports, writing about sports, and tweeting about sports. Follow her on Twitter at @SportsWithDara.

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