…I’m disappointed.

I went positive on today’s podcast. So much so that I felt like for my post this morning I better swing the other way… all the way the other way1. So here are the most disappointing things about 2015 K-State football so far:

1. Quarterback Injuries

Ok, so this hardly seems fair to have on the list, because it’s obviously not something anyone can control. But entering the season with a glut of quarterbacks only to have injury reduce it to the walk on backup who has never started a game at quarterback before this year, and the guy who was absolutely under all circumstances going to red shirt… well… you certainly can’t say it’s not disappointing.

2. Penalties

One thing the Cats can control is discipline. AKA, penalties. We all know how few penalties K-State typically gets, and how much that plays into the overall image of the program… one that simply won’t beat itself. But this season K-State already has 21 penalties. The team that is almost always near the top 10 is just 82nd in the nation this season. Surely it’s the sign of a team of youngsters without a lot of experience, but even so, it’s reason to be disappointed.

3. Lack of Improvement

You know the mantra… the biggest improvement comes from week 1 to week 2. But it didn’t, really. And it didn’t come in week 3 either. This team mostly looks like the same team as it was in week 1. Of course, we all know that you don’t see anything from a K-State team until you see them play a power-5 school, but at the same time, it’s hard to see if they’re getting better2.

4. No emergence of a star

We went into this season not knowing who would take Tyler Lockett’s place as the star of the team. Sure the #16 jerseys have been replaced in 2015 with #22, but Barnett has been injured, and no one has stepped up to become the definitive star. Sure, it’s only been 3 games, and someone must be coming down the road… but right now it’s not even easy to predict who it may be.

5. No purple pants

Wait, never mind. That’s not disappointing at all… in fact, maybe it’s good to be reminded that things could always be a whole lot worse.

  1. I fear this post being taken out of context… please keep it in the context of the fact that I also released a podcast with nothing but positives…I’m not that guy. []
  2. But then again, the opponents have also gotten progressively better… a trend that won’t stop for awhile []

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