How will you remember the 2015 Wildcat football team?

Will you remember a seemingly down-on-their luck squad, featuring a roster somewhat devoid of talent despite a recent conference championship? A team that lacked consistent quarterback play? A crew whose offensive and defensive game plans were often questioned, to the point that some fans wanted to see certain coaches booted from the staff? Will you remember the struggles cresting on a wave of concerns about whether it might be time for an aging Bill Snyder to step down?

If you answered yes to all those questions, welcome back to 2005, Wildcat fans.

Maybe, years down the road, when thinking of 2015, you’ll remember a team that made tackling seem like astrophysics. Perhaps you’ll recall a defense who gave away big plays as if they were Christmas gifts. Maybe you will think of a team who inexplicably passed the football, even when the running game was experiencing success and your grandmother knew that the ground game was the sensible choice for the current down and distance.

I’m sorry, dear friends, but the same could be said for Ron Prince’s 2008 squad.

Will you remember this team as atypical of the Snyder mold? As a team who fell apart over the course of the season, rather than improving week to week?

Funny, that sounds a lot like K-State’s last basketball season. You know, the one that saw the Wildcats implode and miss the postseason.

That’s right, with three games left in the season, the 2015 Wildcats are potentially looking at a legacy of being remembered as a motley stew of the final seasons for Bill Snyder 1.0 and Ron Prince and the basketball campaign that had fans everywhere wondering whether Bruceketball was a mistake.

Are you scared yet?

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

With three games to go, K-State sits at the bottom of the Big 12 standings with perennial punchline KU. They have lost six consecutive games for the first time since 1989, Snyder’s first season. They approach the passing game like the guy set on dating a supermodel: it seems like a fun idea, but success is improbable and life can be pretty good without it. Meanwhile, the defense made me throw my hands in the air so many times on Saturday that I fear I may need rotator cuff surgery.

There’s no way around it. To this point, this season has been bad.

Not, “okay.”

Not, “rough, but they’re rebuilding.”

No, this season has been downright bad.

But, there’s still time to change the course. Three games can shape whether this season is remembered with last basketball season’s dumpster-fire-aboard-a-wrecked-train, or remembered as a season where the Wildcats crawled Andy Dufresne-style through muck and stink to ultimate redemption.

Iowa State. Kansas. West Virginia. With three wins, the Wildcats are bowling. With just one loss, the Wildcats instead face an off-season strewn with questions about the future.

How will you remember the 2015 Wildcats?

Will you remember the losing streak? The matador-esque defense? The hopeless obsession with the passing game?

Or will you remember this team banding together to overcome injuries and adversity, closing the regular season with three straight wins and a trip to a bowl game?

This team’s destiny is as simple as catching an oblong ball. Will the Wildcats grab it and run, or let it slip through their fingers? Saturday against Iowa State we begin to find out.

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