Wednesdays at The Salute

Wednesdays at The Salute

It all comes down to this. We’re hanging by a thread. If we lose tonight we will not make the NCAA Tournament.

This has been such a frustrating season. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. One thing we haven’t seen is an ounce of consistency.

Season Recap

  • Overall record: 15-16
  • Conference record: 8-10
  • Road record: 3-12
  • Home record: 12-4
  • Conference road record: 1-8
  • Conference home record: 7-2
  • Average loss: 9.9 ppg*
  • Average conference loss: 11.6 ppg
  • Average win: 9 ppg*
  • Average conference win: 4.8 ppg*
  • Average ppg*: 62.9
  • Average ppg* in conference: 59
  • Bad Losses: Texas Southern, TCU, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Long Beach State (Ranked 100 or higher)
  • Good Wins: KU, Baylor, Iowa State, OUx2, Oklahoma St. (Ranked 50 or lower)

*ppg= points per game

The more numbers I figured, the more frustrated I got. There aren’t many things to be proud of this season. Moving forward, we’re going to have to score more points, win on the road, and get rid of the bad losses. We may have 5 good wins but we have 6 bad losses, which aren’t a good recipe for a trip to the dance. We have not earned a chance to go to the tournament because we haven’t been consistent. When you look at the numbers, there’s nothing that shows we deserve to go to the tournament.

Tonight, we have the opportunity to re-write our season. It may not change what has been done up until now but it can change what our future looks like. If we win the Big 12 tournament then we’ve done what it takes to get in. If not, then we have to live with it.

Every day is a new opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over again. If you’re not happy with the situation you’re in, you have to stop complaining and make a change. Actions speak louder than words.

This team has an endless amount of potential. They are more than capable of winning this tournament. It’s time to start over and turn this “thread” into a strong piece of rope.


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Dara is a 2013 graduate of Kansas State University and misses Manhattan everyday. She works overnight at KSN in Wichita as the morning show producer and all other times watching sports, writing about sports, and tweeting about sports. Follow her on Twitter at @SportsWithDara.

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