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The jumbled mess of a season is over and the Big 12 Tournament begins on Wednesday, with the first game featuring your Kansas State WIIIIILLLDCAAATSSSS! Yeah, the eight seed is pretty exciting. Possible surprise from my ranking this week has to be Oklahoma State. The Cowboys finished the season on a torrid 1-5 stretch. Here's to hoping we get a chance at cutting down the NITs, uh, I mean nets.
KU not #1? That's right. They're 5-4 over their last 9 games of season. Yes, they won the Big 12, but with Perry Ellis out, Cliff Alexander getting caught cheating, and a ton more question marks are they really the best team in the conference right now? No. Meanwhile Iowa State, Oklahoma, and Baylor aren't exactly blowing anyone out of the water either. But they all finished the 2nd half better than KU. And then there are the Cats... Who knows what they bring any given day? Losing to TCU Wednesday wouldn't shock me. Neither would making it all the way to Saturday, or anything in between. And it's that inconsistency and unpredictability that has them so near the bottom... in my rankings and in the real life standings.
What a season! This conference is the most competitive in the nation, hands down. To me there are three tiers, at season’s end: Teams 1-5 (First Tier), Teams 6-8 (Second Tier), and Teams 9-10 (Third Tier). All of the First Tier teams (except possibly Baylor) showed the promise of possibly winning the league, at some point this season. The jayhawks won the league again, but in the least impressive fashion of the last several years. On any given day, I think you could select a different top team out of the top 3-4 teams. Iowa State finished strong, being the only team of the top 5 to win both of their games this week, so they will get my final nod. Much of the same can be said for teams 6-8, as far as placement goes. On any given day, one of these teams will look more impressive than the others, but none are consistent. The Cats landed here. We all know what kind of season this was, but there is hope that K-State could be back in the top 5 next season, if they grow together and do what is required. It’s been a pleasure to rank teams for another season, here’s to a great off season. Go State!

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