Editor's note - Today is World Cancer Day: Not Beyond Us.
Wednesdays at The Salute

Wednesdays at The Salute

Cancer. It’s a word that nobody in the world wants to hear but it’s something that millions are faced with each day, including members of the K-State family.

I’m the morning show producer at KSN. Last week, I found out that my meteorologist, Leon Smitherman, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Now, he’s selflessly using his diagnosis as a way to get the word out about the importance of early detection.

Almost everyone I know has been impacted by cancer in one way or another. Putting it simply, cancer sucks! Although curing cancer would be a dream of mine, it’s not written in the stars for me to do so. What I can do though, is spread awareness. If you’ve been putting off important screenings, I hope that you’ll decide to make the call today and get checked; it could save your life! There isn’t a single person in the world that is immune to cancer.

One thing that I’ve always known as a Wildcat is the importance of fighting. Athletes fight to win games, students fight to finish college and earn a degree. Those that are diagnosed with cancer are in a fight for their lives. While we may not be able to understand the why or the how of cancer, what we can do is stand up and fight with our K-State family.

So, what does it mean to “fight like a Wildcat”?

As a cancer survivor, Bucky Bucholtz says that, “Coach’s Goals 6, 10, 11, & 13 are how you fight like Wildcat.” He also adds, “EMAW”.

Goal #6: Self-Discipline

Goal #10: Never Give Up

Goal #11: Don’t Accept Losing

Goal #13: Expect to Win

Also as a cancer survivor, Michelle Heaton says, “Never Give Up!”.

"This was my first chemo treatment. Note the KSU attire thanks to my son and the women's basketball team who played with these colors that year. 2009."

“This was my first chemo treatment. Note the KSU attire thanks to my son and the women’s basketball team who played with these colors that year. 2009.”

This is Mary Sue Lesseig-Sander’s story. Her oldest son, Chuck Sander, played football for K-State and Jim Dickey:

“The first time you hear, ‘You have Cancer’, you’re not sure you heard correctly. The more the doctor talked to me the more I knew I would be fighting this along with my family. Encouragement and never giving up was the motto as we worked through this year long battle. Together, as a family, the outcome has been amazing as I look back five years ago.”

No matter what challenges you’re facing in your life, I can speak for the entire K-State nation and say that we’re fighting for you! As a family, we’re here to support you during the good times and in the difficult times. You’re never alone!

Again, please make the call today to get screened, especially if you’ve been putting it off.

It’s time to “Fight like a Wildcat” and spread cancer awareness!

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