I don’t know about you but right now, I’m still on cloud nine celebrating the Royals World Series Championship!

My hope now is that K-State football can find a way to take what the Royals have done and use it as an example.

If you’re a Royals fan then you know that things haven’t always been sunshine and roses. The same goes for K-State football. From 1970-1990, we only had 2 seasons that we finished above .500. From the 1920’s to the late 90’s, there were several seasons that we didn’t even win a single game.

During the last two years, the Royals have learned to NEVER give up, even when the odds are completely stacked against them. So what if you get down 6 points, you get back up and you keep fighting.

At this point, our record is 3-4. All 4 of our losses have come in Big 12 play. As you know, things don’t get any easier tomorrow night. I know many of you are probably thinking, “We’ve got Baylor right where we want them. Seth Russell is out and Jarrett Stidham is in.”

Baylor’s quarterback is the last thing that we need to be thinking about right now. If you know me, you know that I’m generally overly optimistic about my favorites sports teams; sometimes, it works out for me, other times, it leaves me thinking I’m absolutely nuts.

We are going to need a miracle to beat Baylor tomorrow night –that’s the harsh reality.

Nothing would make me happier than spoiling Baylor’s chance at a national title like they did to us back in 2012. I’m not ready to give up on this season, I hope you aren’t either. We might not be playing for a national title but there are still so many reasons to keep fighting.  Eventually, hard work and determination will pay off! It might not be this week or this season but it will happen. Look at the Kansas City Royals!

For now, I’ll be hoping for a miracle. It’s time to go out and fight like the Royals.



About The Author

Dara is a 2013 graduate of Kansas State University and misses Manhattan everyday. She works overnight at KSN in Wichita as the morning show producer and all other times watching sports, writing about sports, and tweeting about sports. Follow her on Twitter at @SportsWithDara.

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