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142Thomas Gipson (2011-Present)

If you follow K-State basketball at all, and I know you do, then you know Big Gip. He’s currently 35th on the all time scoring list at K-State and at some point  this season he’ll pass the 1,000 career point mark. He’ll also end the season in the Top 10 in career rebounds at K-State.

This year he’ll be the senior leader, and we’ve come to expect big things from the big man. He won’t disappoint.


2014 EMAWard

The EMAWard is driven by Manhattan Motors

The EMAWard is driven by Manhattan Motors

You can look at the dropped interceptions and say there were some mistakes made, like Bill Snyder did, but you can also recognize that a missed interception is also a pass broken up.

Dante Barnett was fantastic against Texas and led the defense on an impressive effort that shut out the Longhorns. There’s almost no question following a shut out the winner has to come from the defense, and when you win Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week there’s a good chance you’re getting an EMAWard.

Congratulations Curry!

Pick’em Contests

NCAA: HoneyBadgers held on to his season wide lead, but last week’s winner was Irish with 23 of 27 correct picks.

NFL:  Mike is holding on to his season lead, but Seth is making a charge. He had 11 of 13 picks correct last week.

Survival:  It’s been four people who have paid attention when we’ve done restarts, and 4 people remain. So it may not take much longer…

You can still sign up to join the college pick’em or NFL pick’em. Find the info here.


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