It’s inevitable: Even the most loyal, dedicated K-State has to miss a game every now and then. Maybe you have to go out of town for a work meeting or conference. Perhaps you are attending the wedding of an ignorant and inconsiderate friend who failed to consult the football schedule when planning the big day.

Just because you can’t watch the game, that doesn’t mean you can show your K-State pride and support. You might have to search a little harder, but there are plenty of dressy options that come in purple.

purple shirtsSince you won’t actually be at the game, you can forgo the rule of wearing traditional K-State purple and play around with different shades and patterns.


When choosing ties, I personally love the monochromatic purple shirt, purple tie look. But again, this is where you can play around with different colors and patterns – I mean, how awesome is that grey and purple stripe tie? It’s like it was made for K-State fans.


Even the most discreet fan can show their spirit with these Powercat cufflinks. And you can never go wrong with a K-State lapel pin. It’s so classy, Eric Stonestreet wore one with his tux to the Emmys.

Really, there’s no excuse not to be in purple on Game Day, even if you’re not watching the game. An added bonus of adding more purple dress items to your wardrobe? You can wear them to the office for Purple Friday. Nothing like clothing that does double duty.

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