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Losses are depressing. Dropping two winnable games in one week is akin to going just too far while playing “how close can I stick this fork to my eye without actually poking it*.” While we look forward to the Wildcats reversing recent fortunes with Tuesday night’s home contest against Texas Tech, lets look back at some recent news in Wildcat Land.

*Kids, please don’t try that at home.

Wildcats pick up Allen

Okay, “pick up” is probably the wrong terminology, as doing so with offensive tackle AJ Allen would most likely require a forklift. Allen comes to Manhattan from Grossmont Community College in El Cajon*, California, picking the Cats over offers from schools including Arizona State, Arkansas, and Kansas. Though he’s 6’7 and 315 lbs, I’m told that Allen actually is a human being and not some sort of industrial refrigerator. Could Allen – a three-star recruit per Rivals.com – step into one of the offensive tackle spots vacated by graduating seniors Cornelius Lucas and Tavon Rooks? Time will tell, because Bill Snyder sure won’t.

*Per spanishdict.com, El Cajon is Spanish for “the big box” or “the drawer.” See, now you can tell your friends that you learned something (virtually useless) by reading this. Congratulations.

Cartier feels Bullish

In the “news from three weeks ago” variety, former Wildcat hoopster Cartier Martin is now a member of the Chicago Bulls. Upon finding out this news, some combination of 1996 Derek and 2006 Derek (which averages out to a very skinny, very awkward 19-year-old) was filled with exuberance. Martin remains one of my favorite Wildcats of all time, while I was all-in on the Bulls bandwagon in the Jordan-Pippen glory days. While the Bulls (22-21) are no longer NBA royalty and Martin – playing for five teams in six season – has served as a working definition of the term journeyman during his NBA career, I still love seeing K-State’s former No. 20 in an NBA uniform. His mere presence on a roster destroys Bob Huggins one-time claim that no player on his 2006-2007 K-State roster would make a career playing professionally. Sorry, Bob.

Batcats make history

The K-State baseball team has never earned a preseason Top 25 ranking. Check that, they HAD never earned such a ranking, until today. With both Baseball America and Perfect Game releasing their polls today, the Wildcats have rendered that statement obsolete. K-State enters the 2014 season ranked No. 22 by both polls. Led by preseason All-Americans Ross Kivett and Jake Matthys, the Wildcats on February 14 at Cal Poly.

With recruits, pros, and Cats the in the polls, don’t you feel a little better? Good… Now, please, drop the fork.

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