It’s commonly known that when you see Bill Snyder, he’s going to be wearing the same thing: a purple windbreaker. Sure, the details of the windbreaker might change from time to time, but overall Snyder’s look is consistent. And one you could learn from.

bill snyder 2

I know what you’re thinking: how could bill Snyder possibly teach me anything about fashion? But Snyder is in a long line of celebrities that have adopted a trademark “uniform”. Steve Jobs and his black turtleneck. Designer Michael Kors and his black T-shirt and blazer.  The style lesson they all teach: if it works, stay with it.

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The adoption of a uniform has several benefits. The first is rooted in practicability: it makes getting dressed quick and easier. And when you’re building a multi-billion empire or one if the greatest college football programs in the nation, you don’t have a lot of extra time to worry about clothes.

bill snyder 3

The second benefit of the style uniform is a bit more commercial. When you wear the same thing all the time it becomes part of your persona, a basis for your brand. Now, I’m sure that wasn’t on Snyder’s mind when he started sporting the windbreaker track suit, but it’s worked. His windsuit is an integral part of his person, instantly recognizable and easily copied for Halloween costumes (which how you know you’ve really made it).

So we know that the fashion uniform works, but does that mean you should try it? As with most styles, you need to ask yourself if it fits into your life. Most the likely, the answer for this one is no. It works for Snyder, Jobs and Kors because they are famous; they actually have a brand built around themselves. Until you get to that point, keep some variety in your wardrobe. Unlike Snyder, nobody wants to emulate Joe Schmoe in the cube next to them who wears the same thing very day.

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