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Kansas as low as third in the conference. Yes, my friends. We now live in a world where the Royals can win the World Series. Anything can happen. There's always hope.
My preseason rankings mirror those of the Big 12 coaches. Kansas remains at the top until someone makes a solid case to dethrone them, in a principle very similar to them remaining perpetually at the bottom of the football rankings. Ol' Lon has the Sooners looking better and better since he has rolled into Norman, and ISU will start the Post-Mayor Era. The Wildcats enter this season with so much uncertainty. Call me stupid, call me a homer, but I think the Cats will rise above my current ranking. How high will be up to them (no pun intended).
Preseason polls are throwing darts, but sometimes you kind of know what you're doing when you're throwing them. Every year I look for an excuse to not put KU in first, but this season I can't come up with one. Coaching changes will likely have opposite effects on Texas & Iowa State. As for the Cats, I hope I'm not being generous putting us at 8th in what is the rebuildingest of rebuilding years of all time.
So I feel like the rankings I created aren't much different than the standings at the end of last year. KU is number 1 until someone stops their streak. Georges Niang enters his 14th year of eligibility at ISU, so they're going to be tough to beat. OU should be a solid #3. Fourth through seventh, could be any of the 4 teams I've chosen. I've got the Cats at 8, but really hope they can crack the top 6. I also fear they could hit 9 or 10. TCU and Tech are a coin flip.

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