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Mike Tufano

Derek Larson

What a great week. None of these games where really that exciting, well I guess if you weren't a KU fan you had fun with that debacle. Texas got handled by a good Notre Dame team. Oklahoma State looked lack-luster. Baylor still doesn't have a defense. Kansas State looks to have a defense and special teams and we are still trying to figure out the offense. And now back to halftime...
Rankings following week 1 aren't a lot more precise than their pre-season friends. TCU keeps the first spot. Unlike the media, I'm not going to punish them for winning on the road against a power-5 team. I'm also not punishing Texas a ton for laying an egg against a very good Notre Dame team. I am, however, punishing KU for being the suckiest team to ever suck (and no, that's not a reference to our band).
We're one week in. The only thing that changed is that we know Kansas could legitimately go 0-12.
Not much change for me. After 1 week, KU has a stranglehold on the 10th spot. Texas looked bad again. Give Oklahoma State some credit for scoring a win on the road. K-State says at number 5 but it's still a shot in the dark because of how vanilla the Wildcats play in their season openers.

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