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Not really any surprises this past week. As conference play begins in earnest next week, things will begin to shake out a little bit more (hopefully). In a crazy Big 12, the sky could be the limit for K-State if they continue to improve.
Fine. I'll put stupid Baylor in 1st. For now. Of course, with their next two games against Iowa State and KU, they may be there awhile. A lot of teams took the week off, but a lackluster 1st half against SMU didn't earn TCU much respect in my book. K-State and West Virginia are nearly interchangeable right now in my 5 & 6 spots... but Saturday's winner may catapult a bit higher than that.
Feels really weird putting OSU as low as I did, but someone has to be 8th. I still suspect that OU could unravel. That's what makes this week so exciting. TCU v OU and K-State v WVU will go a long way in clearing up the fuzzy picture of who wants to win this league. I still am not a believer in Baylor, but it's hard to debate 4-0 given the rest of the field.
Maybe I'm looking thru purple glasses, but this Wildcat team looks like they can challenge the weak Big 12. Oklahoma is still at the top because of who their two losses are to. It kills me to put Baylor this high, but they haven't lost and beat OSU last week. A win shouldn't hurt your ranking, but UT's OT win at home against Notre Dame isn't as impressive as it once was. OSU and TCU look pretty average, WVU and TTU don't play any defense and the bottom two teams need no mention.

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