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Mike Tufano

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The national media has withdrawn TCU as a Final Four participant because they gave up too many points. I would like to see what most defenses would do against TTU at home, but they did outscore them. Texas has lost consecutive games in un-Texas-like manners. There is talent in Austin, but it's not rowing in the same direction yet. Oklahoma State looked great in the first half, meh in the second. Saturday's game will tell us a lot more about both teams. I would be remiss if I didn't congratulate Kansas on winning (in a loss) the title of the worst FBS program.
Shake up! TCU's injury depleted defense sends the Frogs to my #2 spot in the rankings. Baylor demolished a school named after a side dish* and moves up to #1. The 2 Oklahoma schools still occupy the 3 and 4 spots. Not sure if I should be impressed by WVU destroying Maryland, but at least it is Power 5 school. Texas Tech didn't wilt in the 2nd half like they tended to do last year so they climb from 8 to 6. Idle K-State sits at 7 above 3 schools that I'm confident the Wildcats can/will beat. Texas keeps finding ways to lose. And buckle up for the "Battle for the Big 12 Basement"...KU at Iowa State. They need a traveling trophy for this game. I'm picturing a small, bronze football player with his head slumped over in shame. *Sorry if I offend any Rice alumni that read this blog, but I know almost nothing about that school.
My biggest loser this week won and my biggest winner lost. Sorry, TCU, when your strength is your defense and you have no defense, I can't keep you at #1 in the conference any longer. And Tech, I still don't think you're top tier in this conference, but I'm paying attention now. Even Texas got a jump by losing, but looking better than I thought they could. I'm down to 1 thing I know about the Big 12 for certain: KU is the worst power-5 team I've ever seen.
My rankings this week remain nearly unchanged from my rankings last week. The only difference being that West Virginia swapped places with Okie State. Both teams recorded a win, and yes OSU's win was in conference, but West Virginia just seemed a bit more convincing. TCU's win can be looked at a few different ways, but a win is a win and they remain at the top for me. K-State has a prime opportunity to go into Stillwater and show improvement, an opportunity that could result in a jump in my rankings next week.

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