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So I moved Baylor to #1 without much confidence. OU has two losses but could still win the conference.Texas is ahead of TCU because their win over Notre Dame is better than anything TCU has. K-State at 5 is a bit of a homer pick, but they might have the best defense in the conference. KU is grabbing a stranglehold of 10th despite having a win. I tuned in to the 2nd Quarter vs Memphis and watched the Tigers expend very little effort in blowing that game open.
This year's Big 12. Woof. I joke on Twitter that, "The opportunity to win the Big 12 exists here today, and it's not one to be taken lightly." Bill Snyder certainly isn't the only coach that thinks their team has a chance to hoist the trophy. Oklahoma is at the top for me because of their strength of schedule, even though they are 1-2. A road loss to Cal isn't pretty, but I give Texas credit for leaving their state and playing a P-5 team. Several team's lack of defense keeps them from grabbing the top spot. K-State at #3? It's hard to believe, but they played Stanford close and blew out a team they are supposed to and did it with the best defense in the Big 12. I don't expect any of us to have the same 10 in order. It may be a 4 way tie for 1st place in the shallow conference.
Oh, Texas. You were doing so well. Oh Big 12... ouch. I'm not going to hold OU's 2 losses against them too hard, they have been to 2 very good teams. But still. Also I like what I'm seeing from the Cats now. I think there's a lot of potential. And I guess I have to go ahead and give Baylor some lift... mostly because everyone else is hurting. All in all, the Big 12 remains the great mystery.
I cannot for the life of me buy into West Virginia. Especially after only playing two games. I may change my mind after BYU, but I still think Holgo finds a way to coach himself out of contests this year. Poor Tech has such a great talent in Mahomes but their defense looks destined to be in the 100s in rankings again. Even though I was never high on Oklahoma State due to how lucky they were in 2015, I liked their bounce back win over Pitt, which makes the tilt vs Baylor so intriguing this weekend. I think Baylor stinks, but since 3-0 is a precious commodity, I have to let it be worth something here in week three. Can I not just rank KU and ISU tied for last and everyone else tied for 7th?
Does anyone really have any idea at this point? #InDepthAnalysis
I feel like I'm doing an early season Big 12 Men's Basketball ranking right now. The only thing I'm 100% sure about right now is that ISU and KU are the bottom of the barrel. I have the two undefeated teams at the top... for now. The only other thing I'm fairly sure of is that my top two will look different in the coming weeks. The conference is wide open, and it should be a wild ride. Hopefully the Cats can capitalize on the craziness of the conference this season.

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