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I have been stubborn, keeping K-State at No. 3 thanks to a variety of factors... most notably, homerism. Alas, I can't justify it anymore. They're #5 on my list, but they will be climbing with a win against OSU in two weeks.
TCU hangs on to #1 by a slim margin. I'm giving Oklahoma State a bump above West Virginia, because they've beaten one school that sounds like an FBS school. I can't say the same for the Mountaineers. As much as I'm worried about the Cats, I can't put the Horns above them because, you know, we own Texas. The Red Raiders may have had a legit win this weekend, but I don't believe in Kliff. Lastly, this conference should be called the Big 8 because ISU and KU are SO bad.
If you ever read the "Bottom 10" column on ESPN, you're familiar with the #5 spot... where a team falls when they just blow it but aren't really worst 10. That's us this week. A win is a win, but a 3OT win in a pretty poor showing fashion drops us in my rankings. Must get better on the bye week, or 7th is going to be the highest we sit in my rankings for a long time. A win at Arkansas (albeit, not a good Arkansas team) has me taking a 2nd look at Tech. And OSU doing to UTSA what we didn't is getting me to take notice as well. KU, meanwhile, holds up their spot in spite of a solid bye week.
Well my top 3 remained the same, as well as my bottom two teams. However the middle five teams in my rankings nearly did a back flip this week. But I wouldn't be surprised if about the same thing happens when it comes to the rankings next week. One hopes that the bye week will be beneficial for the K-State offense, otherwise things could get ugly in Stillwater in a few weeks.
Similar to my impressions of what the University of Tennessee 2015 team was prior to OU beating them, I think Arkansas is similar.  So hard to guage how good of a win that was at Tech. Deep inside I feel like I'm trying to force myself to hold onto my off-season impressions of Tech, but I think they will likely exceed that by season's end.  But for now, I still am holding on to skeptic status. Similarly I won't let Saturday's performance of the Cats (recency syndrome) override their 3 game profile. WVU still maintains the biggest potential of a fraud in my rankings.  Hard what to make out of them with their level of competition they've faced and limited exposure to them.  I don't feel that comfortable with them at #4, but for now will keep them there. TCU's injury situation may ultimately make them the bigger fraud case by season's end...They really aren't playing top 5 nationally level of football IMO.  This Tech-TCU game will be a real sort the contenders from pretenders match. OU still maintains what I think about them, good but not great with that Tulsa win.  I know Tulsa's improved. Using the ever so scientific "common opponent" test, Oklahoma State now looking a little more impressive than what I thought leading up to this weekend. How much longer before we see "interim Head Coach Mark Mangino" written in the papers?
I hate to see the Wildcats tumble down the rankings after a win, but that wasn't an impressive win. On the other hand, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech did have impressive wins. Texas fires their AD and loses on a missed XP in the same week. At least they have their own TV network.

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