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I'm pretty confident I could do this 10 times and come up with 10 different permutations. I give TCU and OU more credit for losing to good teams than for Baylor winning over horrible teams. I give KU no credit for beating Rhode Island, and I give West Virginia a little credit for beating Mizzou, only because it's funny. Other than that, my bold and daring prediction is that K-State will end in my rankings significantly higher than they are right now.
It's so good to have college football back! No what's this jumbled mess of ten teams? Several have great offenses, several have great defenses, I'm not sure if any have both, but KU has neither. The first two weeks were fun to watch. Mizzou lost to a team that replaced them, KU had a light mist instead of a storm on their field only to lose at home to Ohio. OSU unfairly lost to a team they were favored to beat by 21, maybe it wasn't just the blown call that cost them this game. Oklahoma got beat by a great non-Power Five team and Texas beat an always over-hyped non-Power Five team (Sorry, Mike). Week three will clear up a lot of this mess...I hope. Until then, sit back and enjoy the show as we play "Who Wants to be a Big 12 Conference Member!"
If you like your rankings to come with rhyme and/or reason, you may want to keep looking. These come with bias and - unfortunately - a complete lack of iambic pentameter. (Note to self: Write this summary in poem form by the end of the season.) I've slotted OU at the top of the board simply because I'm not prepared to put Texas there yet. (And because Houston was not an option.) The Cats roll in at No. 4 because: 1. EMAW; and, 2. That defense could be a legit force.   OSU's loss was largely the result of a play that should not have occurred... but Mike Gundy's haircut should never occur, either, so - in a way - it all evens out. Sure, Baylor is undefeated. Sure, they have piled up points. But I'm not sure Baylor should even be in the conference anymore. In these rankings, that counts. There's comedy. There's high comedy. And then there's, "This is a new era in Kansas football. An era in which you should expect to win."
I'll be honest these rankings are a roll of the dice. I don't feel confident with anyone at #1. I gave it to OU by assuming the the Houston loss was an aberration. I'm not sure Texas deserves the second spot, either. TCU and Oklahoma State look flawed and I like K-State's chances against them later on down the road. Realistically, I'm most confident with KU at #10. I know the 'Clones have been bad, but c'mon beating Rhode Island means nothing.

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