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It's still very early in the season, but a few things are starting to show up. Baylor and Texas Tech don't have much for defense, but Kansas State and TCU do. Oklahoma wants to be included in the top tier of the Big 12 and Kansas just wants to be included in the Big 12. Oklahoma surpassed Baylor this week, but I don't have a solid reason other than quality of opponent on the road. I'm not sure Oklahoma will be able to score a lot of points with Baker Mayfield, but if it comes down to a head-to-head I don't think he would have problems with Baylor's "defense."
Week 2: A ton of games that don't tell you anything. The one thing I learned is that OU has potential. A 17 point comeback to force overtime and a win on the road at Tennessee is legit. Also we learned that it possible for KU to have a lead in a game. Of course they still got blown out... but that was fun. Meanwhile, the Cats proved the defense is something... let's find out what the offense can do soon, though.
I think the Margin between OU and WVU is slim. And the margin between WVU and TTU is slim. And the margin between TTU and OSU is slim. And the margin between KSU and OSU is slim. I really like our chances this week, but I think calling a spade a spade OSU is a little bit better. If KSU can eliminate mistakes to the greatest extent that they have all season, we have a good chance. I still have my doubts overall about OU, and I think the WVU/OU game should be tremendous. OU looks beatable at home for KSU. But to base this power ranking off of what we saw thus far, I think the distance between WVU and KSU is too large that I'm happy we're playing at the end of the year.
OU could have easily dropped for me this week, but their comeback win over Tennessee was enough to move them up to the number 2 spot for me. Our 'friends' down the Kaw are doing their level best to be one of the worst teams in college football, and I for one applaud the effort. I had no clue what to expect from K-State this week, but the results were positive. There is no doubt the Wildcats will have their hands full with several teams once conference play begins, but continued progression could lead to another 'surprising' season from K-State.
If you represented the Big 12 with a victory yesterday, please step forward... Not so fast, Jayhawks and Cyclones.
TCU maintains my number one spot after dismantling a terrible team. Same for Baylor. OU gets number 3 by default. Not sure how they escaped a road test in Knoxville, but a win over a ranked team on the road has to count for something. The next 3 have lots of question marks. If you throw in Texas, I'm not really sure I can distinguish which is better. I still have no faith in Kingsbury and Tech. Iowa State blew a game they could've won. And this may be the terrible-ist KU team ever. Yeah, I just made up a word: terrible-ist.

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