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This might be one of the worst year's for Big 12 football. Don't get me wrong, it's very exciting and competitive, but trying to get a team into the College Football Playoff is going to be interesting. TCU fell to an unbeaten OSU team. Baylor is heading into the tougher part of their schedule (Don't tell Bill I said this) with a freshman QB. I think it may come down to Bedlam this year and I don't know if that game carries enough cache to persuade pundits and voters that the Big 12 has a legitimate representative.
After a few close encounters, TCU finally lost one this week (and it wasn't even close). My rankings had a somewhat major shuffling for this late in the season. WVU had a large jump for me with their win over Tech. I know it was only their first Big 12 win, but I felt it warranted that they at least move up to the level of Tech and UT. I know moral victories don't mean anything, but I moved the Cats back above ISU. In the next few weeks we will see if I'm right or if K-State decides to prove me wrong.
Oklahoma State earns the #1 spot by dismantling TCU. Oklahoma gets the #4 spot as the last good team. The rest of the conference is average or bad. Ultimately, I think Iowa State falls behind WVU. Tech is just a weird case because they've played 10 games and 7 in the conference. They only have 2 game left while everyone else has 3 or 4. K-State has to beat the Red Raiders to stay climb out of 9th.
Baylor barely beats K-State and Oklahoma State rolls over TCU. This conference makes no sense... Then again, I say that every year around the start of November, which makes me wonder whether disorder is actually order in the Big 12. At least we can depend on KU holding strong in their spot in the standings.
Baylor remains my top team, but after OSU knocked off TCU this weekend, they take the jump to #2. At this point, only undefeated teams are allowed at the top (Screw you, CFP committee!). It seems like we're headed towards a 3 or even 4 way tie on top of the Big 12 this season... which will have the conference left out of the SEC ESPN College Football Playoff for the second year in a row.

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