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Mike Tufano

Big shake ups this week. Baylor is falling fast now that they've finally started playing some real games. Hi, karma! Oklahoma State showed they're for real, too.
So, uh, fourth quarters, huh? I mean, who needs them? Nobody complains when they are wearing a three-quarter length T-shirt, so let's just do away with them. Anyway, back to a ranking system as accurate as exit polls, am I right? Is this thing on? Oklahoma went to Ames and beat the Cyclones on a Thursday night, not an easy task but they seemingly made it look easy. Kliff Kingsbury lost the game of "Which Coach Wants Fired First" and let Charlie Strong boost his weak record. West Virginia let off the gas against KU and coasted to an easy victory. TCU, well they did to Baylor what every Big 12 fan wishes they could do to the Bears in real life. Now onward and upward to the week that features the Cyclones traveling to the Jayhawks. Whoever wins, we are all losers for watching.

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