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Zach Newman
Baylor is dominant, TCU and OU are very, very good. Baylor held TTU to just 35 points (that's right, just 35 points.) West Virginia and Texas Tech would be the second tier, then Kansas State and then a drop off. I still don't know what to make of Texas. They have to have talent and I thought Charlie Strong was a good leader of men. It's just that the more I watch his team perform, the more I see Ron Prince-esque performances. This week is just like last week. I didn't think K-State stood a chance, but then they played well enough to make it hurt. Speaking of chances, KU doesn't have any.
For the 3rd week in a row my top 3 have shuffled. After watching TCU seemingly get back to the TCU we expected against Texas I thought Baylor would have to do something crazy against Tech to take my top spot. Then they did. For this week, at least, Baylor and TCU seem to be the clear Top 2. K-State, though, is going to have to prove they can piece together a secondary to move back up this list. With the murderer's row ahead of us, a 3-6 start isn't out of the question before we get a respite against Iowa State. And how about those Cyclones? They got their win for the year! The same can't be said for KU... and won't be said in 2015.
I moved Baylor up to number 1 last week and I'll keep them there. TCU's defense looked better, but I'm not sure what that means when you shut down Texas. OU was impressive. I'm putting WVU ahead of O-State because I think they'll beat the Cowboys at home next week. I've got K-State at 6 but I'm really not sure why. I really have no idea how to rank a team that has been 3 teams because of injuries. As for the bottom 4, KU has a stranglehold on the basement.
Other than the K-State/OSU game, the Big 12 games were all blowouts this past weekend. We can play the what if game all day, but the result of the K-State game will stand regardless of the refs' ridiculous mistake. K-State took it up a notch this week and gave me a little hope for what they  could be. They have a long way to go, and have a lot of injuries to overcome, but there is a glimmer of hope. I don't think that hope will be enough this week against TCU, but a Wildcat Victory could shake up my rankings next week.

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