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Things are starting to come together, just not how we'd expect. TCU almost losing to KU? Yikes. That gives them a demotion to tadpole. OU's win over Texas gives them the nod on the top end, but things could change at anytime in the volatile Big 12.
I swear it wasn't intentional, but my rankings this week perfectly mirror the conference standings. I'm going to hold to the same principle I have all along with Baylor. I don't think they are the best in the conference, but until they lose, they'll remain at the top for me. I hold a similar principle with West Virginia, but their bye week plus OU's win has OU moving up to the number 2 spot for me. K-State has a huge opportunity on the road this week. Hopefully recent trends continue between OU/K-State, the road team getting the 'W' in the last 5 meetings.
It's all a case of relativity. Just two more weeks with Baylor. I believe a market correction is around the corner for both them and WVU, but Baylor has KU this week. It's hard to argue with the zero in the loss column at the season's mid point. As much as I want to hate on Baylor, they are by far and away the best Texas team in the league. But I cannot get passed Baylor's slow starts versus their cupcake non-con, and having to outlast Iowa State long enough to let them Iowa State themselves.
Ok, I think I am starting to see some clarity in this muddied mess of a conference. Kansas and Iowa State, while bottom-feeders, are much more competitive than they have been the previous 2-3 seasons. Oklahoma may have ended Charlie Strong's run at Texas. I'm still not sold on Baylor or West Virginia, but they didn't play this week so I didn't get any more info on them. It took a pick-six and a kick-six to derail Texas Tech. It is very hard to sit here today and pick a Big 12 winner. Isn't that what you are supposed to want as a fan? The lack of a front-runner is going to keep the Big 12 out of the CFP. Enjoy the ride.

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