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For the second week in a row, my rankings mirror the standings. No big surprises this past week, but PLENTY of opportunity for movement for most teams, as we reach the halfway point of the season. The Cats need to decide whether they want to finish in the top half, or the bottom half of the conference.
Things are starting to become clearer when talking about the Big 12 Football rankings. It's not at all how I expected it to be when we started the season or even Big 12 play, but I think OU will get very close to running the table and their two non-con games may be what keeps them and the Big 12 out of the Larry Culpepper's College Football Playoff. (I don't think The Salute is sponsored by Dr. Pepper, but maybe they will want to after this reference.) The most surprising section of rankings is the bottom two spots, I don't think they are far apart from Tech or Texas, but don't have the gimmicky offense or horses to run with them. For Kansas State, a bowl game may be in question and Bill Snyder getting to 200 wins may be out of the question... for this season.
Hats off to West Virginia, though count me in as still a bit of a skeptic. I wonder if Pat Mahomes' arm is being held on with duct tape and bailing wire at this point. Regardless it was still an impressive outing by the Mountaineers in Lubbock and they have earned the spot to this point. Will Tech fold at this point? Again, Baylor gets the number two spot because of math. Hard to hate on 6-0, though only the Oklahoma State game really tells us anything. Wildcats are at a crucial part of the year. They feel like they should be good enough to be a top half team, but they have to go out and earn it. I suspect that TCU is in for a rough year this year too, but we should know soon.
The biggest toss up on my list right now is K-State and Texas. We'll settle that one on Saturday. After last week, I think Oklahoma is clearly the best team in the Big 12, even if they're not undefeated on the season. Who's going to make the run at them, though? That's right, West Virginia.

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