Last year I tried to write something inspirational. It was an attempt at the written word functioning like a hype video on YouTube. This year I need inspiration. I need to read a hype blog or watch a hype video.

I mentioned this last year, but as I find myself increasingly busy it gets harder to be emotionally prepared for the new Wildcat football season. I coach a middle school football team, I work a second job and now my oldest child is getting involved in competitive athletics. I really haven’t had a ton of time to think about the upcoming slate for KSU. (Writing all that makes me feel old, too.)

All that being said, don’t think for a second that my fandom is waning. I know that Saturday around 5pm while celebrating my son’s birthday, I’ll be searching for a feed of the game. I’ll try to make sure we open his presents during halftime. I’ll make numerous mistakes helping him build his Lego Star Wars sets because I’ll be too distracted by another Wildcat touchdown. Then I’ll spend Sunday re-watching highlights and reading all about a non-conference blowout win.

As for the rest of the season I can guarantee this:

Celebratory tweets with bizarre hashtags
Angry/Frustrated tweets
Doing the Wabash by myself in the living room
Signaling first down
Sudden outbursts that scare the dog
I’ll throw something
I’ll waste time at work reading about the Cats
Family events scheduled around games
Searching for tickets to the KU game

I’m sure there are many other fanatical behaviors I haven’t mentioned here that I’ll exhibit throughout the fall. I don’t have a bold prediction for the season. I’m nervous about the lack of experience on offense, but I’m confident Bill Snyder will have this team prepared for every single game.

Go Cats! Beat the Coyotes!

About The Author

Seth is a 2000 graduate of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism at Kansas State. While in Manhattan he wrote for the Kansas State Collegian, reported for the Wildcat 91.9 and interned at KSNT-TV in Topeka. He teaches now, but still play with his journalism degree. Living in the middle of Missouri makes it harder to follow the Cats, but he wears enough purple to draw stares at the grocery store. Follow him on Twitter at @catbacker77

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